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Integrated IT Management

One of the main activities of our company is taking care of our client’s IT environment. In several years of our experience we have gained a broad know-how and expertise that make us professionals in our field. Our clients consist of small and medium size firms that own 3 to 300 PCs, servers, printers and other peripherals. It is exactly servers that are an inseparable component of every IT infrastructure, which we consider as a key element in every business. That is why we are regularly training in these field in order to be continuously abreast of the newest trends. Our fundamental principle is integrated approach to the customer. This means that the customer does not have to turn to several providers for IT solutions, but only to one who will secure all areas with one key. This is why we use the expression “Integrated IT Management”. IT management (management of PCs and servers) entails regularity. In other words it deals with a contractual care that guarantees the clients benefits in contrast to a non-contractual service. A contractual partnership with a provider of quality service will ensure you the following:
  • smooth operation of the entire IT infrastructure,servers and individual computers,
  • increased efficiency of the IT environment,
  • continuity in development of your IT,
  • cost savings and other benefits.
We offer several kinds of payment plans that differ from each other in the basic logic, benefits and prices. If you are interested,please do not hesitate to contact us anytime, and we will draw up a price offer for you in the shortest time possible.



If the client utilizes a server, we will be primarily focused on the client’s 100% business performance. We recommend the highest quality servers such as HP, DELL, Sun and others. We know from experience that fine-tuned hardware components and extended manufacturer’s warranties guarantee the client the best quality and long-term performance of servers. We have also established a server monitoring center that helps us to monitor the most important information (running services, various parameters, events, etc.).


  • installation / reinstallation of the operating system on servers (Windows Server, Linux)
  • installation / reinstallation of software on servers (Exchange, SQL, ISA, Accounting sw …)
  • assurance of the server’s uninterrupted operation
  • regular updates of essential packages from the SW producer
  • monitoring center + text message notification in case of the server’s disconnection or crash
  • management of software installed on servers (MS Exchange, SQL Server, ISA, SharePoint…)
  • management of DNS, DHCP, ISA …
  • management of user’s accounts (active directory)
  • optimization of the server’s performance
  • assurance of the server’s security
  • system and data backup storage
  • management of server licenses + records thereof in our databases
  • central anti-virus protection , Antispam Systems and Web Filter for safe Internet use (Kaspersky, Cyberoam, etc)
  • email archive solutions ( Mailstore)


  • antivirus protection
  • installation / reinstallation of computer software
  • cleaning the PC of dangerous SW (virus, spyware, malware, etc.)
  • eliminating hardware failures (warranty and post-warranty support)
  • consultation and help (in person, via telephone or email)
  • audit and legalization of SW licenses
  • detailed HW and SW records
  • providing basic training
  • installation and configuration of input-output devices (printers, scanners, etc.)
  • installation, update and configuration of various accounting systems
  • preventive hardware and software cleaning